TOIKATU DOJO is a full service gym located in Japan and specializes in boxing, kick boxing, Wrestling, Jiu-jitsu, TRX training and MMA.

We provide a full range of group fitness classes, private coaching, personal, group training and youth classes. 
We approach to all ages, sex and all fitness levels.


Shinjuku, Shibuya, Akihabara,

Ikebukuro, Tamachi, Yokohama, Kichijoji, Gotanda, Nishinippori, Takadanobaba, Niiza, Nagano, Kagawa and more!

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  • 8,000yen (plus tax) Regular members. Train anytime, anywhere

  • 9,000yen (plus tax) Locker members. You get your own locker.

  • 12,000yen (plus tax) Wear members. Rent our training wears for free.

  • 13,000yen (plus tax) Premium members. Get your own locker and also rent our training wears for free.


JOIN US NOW and you get 2MONTHS FREE!!!

You must be in a member for at least two year. Less then one year will cost an early withdrawal penalty of two months member ship fee plus tax, and less than two year will cost an early withdrawal penalty of one month member ship fee plus tax.

Membership fee will be drawn automatically from the bank account on the 27th.

Every year sports insurance fee 2,000yen (Pay once a year starting from April to March) will be drawn from your bank account.

When withdrawing from our gym please notify us a month before.


Admission Fee